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« SONGE » (Dream)


Ah ah all along these clear roads

Landscapes and seas

I have taken time in this world

I have seen the light

I felt it was good

It is only night no no no


I’m saying lalalalala

Slowly I am rising

Along the sea I will be found

I’m saying lalalalala

Slowly towards her

Along the sea, You and I


Ah ah along the dirt tracks

Of the winter alleys

Really slowly, in my world

I am backtracking and I feel it is good

Along the sea I will be found

Along the sea, You and I


I’m saying

I am rising even so towards you



Exercise :


  1. Read the song « Songe », « dream » and try to find the irregular verbs.





  1. Find the prepositions (indicating places)







III.    Find verbs expressing the future. When do you use this tense?

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