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I’m living for her


I have been living for her, you know since when

The first time I have met her

I don’t remember how but

She has entered inside me and has stayed there

I’m living for her because she makes my soul strongly quiver

I’m living for her and she is not a weight


I have been living for her all my life

Whether she tears me or she is sweet

She is drawing me a rainbow

After love in our bedroom

She’s music and some days

When our heart is becoming too deep

She is the only one to help us

She is a Muse who is inviting herself

She will always live inside me

Through a piano the death is far away

I am living for her

I am living for her day after day

When her chords are fading inside me

She is my most beautiful love story

She is a wrist that never hurts

I am living for her and I know she makes

Me turn from town to town

Hurt a little but at least I am living

I will be lost without her

I am sad and I am calling her

Though my voice

She is spreading and producing love

I am living for her and I have not got anything else

And how many others will I meet

Who like me have written on their face « I am living for her »?

I am living for her

She is still looking like us, you see

On the scene or on against a wall

Even in a difficult future

Each day a conquest

The protagonist will always be herself

I am living for her since from now

I have no other way to help me

Because the music, you know

I haven’t really betrayed her

She is music, she has got wings

She has given me the key of the sky

Which finally opens me the doors of the sun

I am existing through her

I am living for her, the music

She is you and I

I am living for her

I am living for her





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